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[x] This community was lovingly stitched together by Miss Emz (x_violetscar) and Miss Kit (_astro_girl_) [x]
Made especially for the naughty little Kinderwhore in all of us.....


Miss Emz <3

Miss Kit <3

This community was made for naughty little girls and boys to come and share similar interests, although:

[x] We do NOT tolerate racism, sexism or any form of hate posts
[x] All posts MUST be related to the community theme
[x] PLEASE limit the amount of pictures put into posts (2 maximum)

[x] We would also appreciate a certain degree of respect between members and no SPAMMING or ADVERTISING your crap. (you know what i'm talking about)

If you have any questions or requests...please feel free to send them to Miss Emz:

Thank you <3