I just got back from Miss Emz's house.
We watched Haggard... listened to music and ate nuts... many nuts... chips... and chocolate soy milk.
In the end, Emz tried her hardest to beat the bad guys in Crash Bandicoot on xbox... hehe... it was soooooo funny.
Kara rang while I was at Emz's... hrmm... I have a pic of Kara I would like to share

Isn't she the prettiest thing you've ever seen!
Anywho... I'm off... catch xxx
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WOOP there it is... WOOP there it is!

My dad's a psycho!

'I've had my supper now I shall rest.
For the king of the mountin will have my neck.
I'll sit in my corner and hide from the beast.
I'll stay far away and and hope for peace'.

I had spinach with pasta and tofu cheese for dinner... and what a wonderful meal that was.
I was suppose to dye Eryn's hair last night but she decided that I should do it today... thing is... I already mixed the dye... so today when I opened it... it exploded in my face and it ended up bleaching Eryn's hair... mwahaha... awww.
Catch xxx
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A grey day

It's official everybody... my room has went from disgusting poster covered mustard coloured walls... to bland grey walls... ahhhhh... now this is the life!
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When I was in Newtown today I went into a shop called 'Queer As Flowers".
I thought that was rather funny.
AND I got this recepie from a good me on this one kids and try it.

[x] Put Ice and strawberries in a blender......blend them up good so the ice is crushed and the strawberries are all mooshy like......add desired amount of Midori and desired amount of sprite [x]

For the love of god try this one!

Miss Emz <3
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(no subject)

Hello everyone. Im new here, I was invited by the lovely Miss Emz.
Im Saz, but a lot of people call me Skylar or Faerie, Im 18 years old (will be 19 in november) and at the moment I still live in Belgium, but Im moving to Wales, UK next month :)
This looks like a really ace community and Im glad to be a part of it <333


hehehe...... my name is alicea iv bin invited 2 this comunity by miss emz...looks pretty cute :)
<3 *::^alicea^::* x x
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tis meh....

Yes some of you people know me... 'ause we are in the same other community. Ill introduce me anyway.
I am 13, my names Ella and I come from Lundun.
Check Me Profile out

p.s. miss ems/emz (?) invited me...
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KaZzBaNg & EmZzBaNg....

AHHHHHHHH!!!! wow... weird mood...
history = shit
Emz + kasey = Miss Drugs Community
Lex + miss drugs community = E=mc2
ZOMBiES! flesh eating ZOMBiES!!!!

Welcome to my reality... not really but it made me feel cool for saying it! 0_o eep...
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