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ovely Girls and Ghouls.....
so it would seem I officially suck at managing communities....especially when I dont have the internet at home anymore. *Pout*
So this community is kind of dead.....which has its bright side....because its all dead and purdy.
I want to thank everyone for posting their pictures etc and helping the heart of the community beat a little.
Its up to you guys to keep Miss Drugs alive until I get the internet back.
On another note....
The Dresden Dolls fucking rock.....
if you havent heard them.....theres something for you to do.

My thoughts are with you guys....when i'm all alone in my little den eating faerie bread.
Hahah that sounds dirty.....
I'm usually thinking about dancing monkeys anyway.

Dont touch My Dolly
Miss Emz <3
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hey everyone im new..heres some pics so you know wut i look like <3

im in such a bad mood right now cuz my mom threw away ALL my posters EVERY SINGLE ONE! off my walls..shes a bitch...but i intend to buy them all again and put a lock on my bedroom door...

i like meeting new and unique people on here so add me if your intrested in being my friend

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EMZ!!! KIT!!! 
I cant remember which one of u it was but.... THE HOT SEXY GOTH KINDA DUDE WITH ALL THE PIERCINGS AND SHIT WAS IN TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O :O :O :O omg hes soo sexy! i was havin a perve~! i think he saw me   0.o
oh well it was worth it! im guna carry a camera with me and wen i see him... take a photo!!! *drools* then i will post it on here for all to perve...
Goodnite to all, and to all a goodnite!
lex xx

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Why are my lungs aching when I breath?

Hey all you guys. Yes. The community is running rather slow....the internet has been cut off from my house because my weird mom doesnt believe we should have it anymore.
Therefore refuses to pay the bill.
However....I'm probably moving into my boyfriends new house soon and i'mma make him get the internet.
In the meantime...feel free to amuse yourselves....i've been rather busy lately....despite my efforts I am definatley not a good community host person.
I've been off taking stupid drugs and doing stupid things.....
Eating alot of celery.
Writing a HELL of alot of poetry...
speaking of poetry I want all members to write a piece and post it here....
go on....
dont be shy....
start it now....

Miss Emz <3
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