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Gingerbread hearts and purple heroin?

I had a bizarre fucken dream last night.

I was walking around a Nine Inch Nails concert with a box of "special" gingerbread hearts.
My friends were pissed off at me for some reason and went to kiss Trent Reznors ass, I wandered off in search for some more friends.
I found some weird looking characters who gave me some purple heroin, I wandered around with the needle in my hand looking for the Heroin Tree (?) so I could inject.
When I finally did....my boyfriend jumped down from the tree and was all "WHAT THE FUCK?".
He had Blue hair though. Sexxxy.
The rest of the dream was a smacked out blur....but I remember my catchphrase being "Holy Fuckwheels!" and canned laughter emerging whenever I said it.
Then I woke up.....with this headache.

I also want to thank all who has joined. <3

Miss Emz <3
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